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Nov 20, 2012 6:00am EST
lehman brothers holdings and a thing aaron callon used to talk about. an ill fated acquisition at the time. >> david einhorn had made the bid deal. >> target would make arch stone the biggest commercial real estate ipo ever and the listing will be in the form of a real estate investment. and twinkies aren't dead yesterday. hostess and its second largest union have agreed or a bankruptcy judge has said why don't you need mediate. try to save the 18,000 jobs. although they're been arguing for a year already. if they can't agree, they'll go back to it. but the goal is to keep the maker of baked goods like twinkies, ding dongs and ho-hos from going out of business. i have a picture of my stash. >> how much did you get? >> they were going store to store. >> and the only reason i didn't, we had such a crazy weekend. >> two of everything, like noah's ark? >> yeah, i've been watching to see if they would make more so i'll never run out. but no movement in the boxes. >> keep one box and eat the other box. >> some new tabt -- >> i'd like to make a bet at this table right now. i did some reporti
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1